Fighting Chance Seattle to inspire locals during their Spring Fitness Challenge

Fighting Chance Seattle are set to host a free six-week Spring Fitness Challenge to locals who participate in their drop-in kickboxing classes. The challenge will take place at Outrageously Fit Personal Training Studio (1446 NW 53rd St) from April 9th – May 16th.

The boot-camp style challenge is aimed at beginners who are at any level of fitness. “What makes this program unique is that participants compete not against one another, but against their own improvements,” says Fighting Chance Seattle founder Jordan Giarratano.

At the beginning of the program, data will be collected from each participant’s performance at four body-weight exercises and three beginner kickboxing drills. This data will be used as the benchmark for improvement for the overall challenge. “Participants will earn points for beating their baseline scores, keeping a diet log and participating in weekly workouts,” says Giarratano. Participants will then be able to use the points to purchase various prizes.

“Kickboxing is a full-body activity that provides both a cardio and resistance workout while keeping the participant engaged as well as teaching vital self-defense techniques and instilling confidence,” says Giarratano.

Fighting Chance Seattle first opened in Ballard in October 2011. After 19 years of experience Giarratano was was granted permission by his teacher, Master Leonard P. Galli, the founder and owner of Galli’s Fighting Chance, in PA, to open a chapter of the school here in Seattle.

The challenge is open to all locals 15 years and above. To find out more about the program and to sign up check out the Fighting Chance Seattle website here.

Photo courtesy of Fighting Chance Seattle.

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