BHS Head Cheer Coach set to “hang up” her pom poms after 13 years

Beloved BHS Head Cheer Coach Nancy Ellen Elster will be hanging up her pom poms as she steps into semi-retirement later this month. She has provided volunteer leadership to the cheer squad for 13 years.

A group of cheerleader moms are putting together a book of photos and messages to present to Elster at the Senior Cheer and End-of-Season banquet on April 27. Organizers want to put the word out to anyone in the community who has been touched Elster’s leadership and wants to contribute to the book.

All are welcome to contribute by the deadline of April 12. Read more about how to make your contribution in the note from the organizers below:

Hello Ballard Community,

NancyEllen Elster, Cheer Coach extraordinaire, will be honored at the year-end BHS Cheer banquet on April 27. After 13 years of self-instigation and cheerleading love, NancyEllen is transitioning from Head Coach to Assistant Coach – and this is a big deal! (Fortunately, future squads will be in the capable hands of Michelle Whelan and Marit Mork!)

We are putting together book with photos and messages from those impacted and touched by NancyEllen’s contribution to BHS sports and cheerleading over the past 13 years. Please take the time to:

1. Write kind words for NancyEllen and send to (doesn’t have to be long, just a few sentences, if that)

2. Ask others to send a note to

Please do this by April 12! Thank you!

If you have any questions, please send them to We are hoping our Ballard community will understand the impact of NancyEllen how meaningful it will be for her to see and hear our appreciation.

Thank you!

A Group of BHS Cheer Moms

Photo courtesy of Jean Oplinger.

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