Car crime is on the increase in Ballard

Update 2:30 p.m.

We just received word from Mia that she located her stolen car this afternoon in a motel parking lot just south of the Aurora bridge. Mia was heading down 99 when she noticed her car. “I pulled over, called the police and they apprehended a suspect who was in one of the motel rooms. My car was hot-wired, had stolen plates and is filled with what appears to be stolen property and drug paraphernalia,” says Mia.

Mia reports that the car has been impounded for further investigation by SPD and is hopeful that it will be released soon.

Thanks to everyone who has been posting and emailing about the increase in car crime. We will update readers with the SPD response when we hear back from them.

Update 11:30 a.m.

Since uploading the post this morning we have received many reports of recent car crime all over Ballard.

Reader Madeline writes that her boyfriend’s car was broken into recently on the 5700 block of 8th Ave NW. “Rowdy had his Honda Del Sol (popular thief model/target) broken into late one weeknight and had the seats and some other items stolen. We over on the east side of Ballard are also seeing a spike in crime,” writes Madeline.

Reader Sean writes that his car window was broken and his catalytic converter stolen in the NW 54th St and 8th Ave NW area. Shannon also wrote it to report that his car was stolen, along with one other, from a secure underground parking garage on NW 57th Street. “They had un-disguised views of the thieves fully lit inside the lobby and in the garage. No investigation. I was told by two separate north precinct officers, they do not investigate,” writes Shannon.

We are still waiting for comment from SPD.

Original Post

We have been emailed by a number of My Ballard readers about the increase of recent car crime in our neighborhood.

Mia emailed to inform us that her blue Volvo XC70 station wagon was stolen from NW 67th St, between 6th and 7th Avenues during the night of April 8-9th. The license plate of the car is 575WPS.

“Our station wagon was stolen on Monday, our other car was broken into and our neighbor’s car window was smashed. I’m sick to my stomach, I don’t feel safe,” says Mia.

Reportedly, a Good Samaritan informed Mia that they had seen the car and found one of her toddler car seats in the parking lot of 9030 Greenwood Ave on Tuesday afternoon. However, the thieves took off with the car again shortly after.

Reader Meagan also reports that her car window was smashed and her emergency kit stolen on NW 84th Street between 3rd and 6th Avenues last Saturday night, April 6. Meagan spoke with neighbors who informed her that at least five other cars had their windows smashed on NW 84th St that night.

We have contacted SPD Community Team Officer Tim Wear to get his take on the car crime increase and will update the post with his thoughts as soon as possible.

Anyone with information about the above mentioned car crime is encouraged to contact SPD North Precinct at (206) 684-0850.

Have you had your car stolen or damaged in Ballard recently? Drop us an email to with some information and the location of where the incident took place.

Click on the SPD crime map above to see the number of police responses to vehicle theft (car icons in green) in Ballard within the past 12 hours.

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