Celebrate May Day with a free scoop of ice cream at Cupcake Royale

In celebration of the first day of May, Cupcake Royale is offering a free scoop of ice cream to all customers between 2 and 8 p.m. today. Customers are free to try any flavor, and if you happen to be in West Seattle or Madrona today, you can get a free homemade ice cream sandwich in lieu of a scoop.

The offering is part of Cupcake Royale’s “Sweet Life” May debuts, including some new ice cream treats. Cupcake Royale founder Jody Hall tells us that customers can expect the “Hot Salty Mess” sundae, which is burnt caramel with smoked sea salt ice cream, espresso and homemade hot fudge and whip cream. They’ll also be introducing some new ice cream sandwiches such as the Neapolitan and Minty Chocolate sammie. “These ice cream novelties really ‘take you back’ and allow you to enjoy a delicious treat in a whole, new way,” Hall writes.

Hall says Cupcake Royale will also start partnering with Rachel’s Ginger Beer at the Pike Place Market, where they’ll be adding Cupcake Royale ice cream to her Ginger Beer Float. “We couldn’t think of a better combination. A quintessential blend to enjoy while you are walking through the market on a fine summer day,” Hall says.

Photo courtesy Cupcake Royale

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