Old Seattle newspapers found in walls of Ballard home kitchen

During a recent remodel of a house in a house in Ballard, some old newspapers were found in the walls.

Photo credit Ventana Construction

Ventana Construction told us about the find, which happened when they were tearing down the walls in a kitchen in a house near NW 65th St. and 24th Ave NW. The house was built in 1900, and the newspapers were dated all the way back to 1901.

On their blog, Ventana Construction says that most of the papers they found were from about 50 years ago. “The majority of papers were from 1961, and even leafing through those is amazing– the pages in those sections reveal the politics and social mores of the time, along with some eye-opening prices for just about everything,” Ventana Builds writes on their blog. Among the papers found were the Ballard Star, Seattle P-I, Seattle Star and The Seattle Times.

Photo credit Ventana Construction

Thanks, Ventana Construction, for sharing!

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