Plant thieves make off with veggies in Whittier Heights

It appears we have a plant thief among us; we’ve heard from several sources that vegetable plants are being ripped out of personal gardens around Ballard. “Please spread the word that plant thieves are on the prowl in Whittier Heights,” Brad Wakeman from the Whittier Heights Community Council wrote to us in an email.

“Last night someone removed the floating row cover from our parking strip food bed and removed several broccoli plants by the roots — clearly intending to replant them for themselves,” Wakeman writes. “It’s fairly obvious they’ve been watching us cultivate our crops. Sad thing is: if they’re hungry and had asked, I would have given them starts for free.”

My Ballard reader Robin Haglund also wrote to tell us of the green-thumbed bandits: “Last night plant thieves dug up most of the broccoli from my Seattle parking strip garden,” she writes on her Garden Mentors blog. “This is the first front yard food theft we’ve experienced during the many years we have grown food from curb to alley.”

If you have any information about the culprits, or if your garden has been similarly pilfered, email us at

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