Edith Macefield’s home makes it on list of international ‘nail houses’ around world

The small house that stands amongst the Ballard Blocks development just east of the Ballard Bridge made it onto an international list of what are called “nail houses,” or homes where owners refuse to sell, forcing big buildings to rise up around them.

Edith Macefield made news a few years back when she refused to sell her little house on N. 48th St., even after developers offered her nearly $1 million for it. Since her passing in 2008, the home has been maintained and will soon be renovated and lifted, eventually to be turned into a small rental for longterm visitors. Developer Lois MacKenzie has partnered up with owner Greg Pinneo and tells us Edith’s house will sleep up to six people, and that they plan to keep as much of the original house as possible.

“She made us all look right in the mirror and ask the hard questions,” Pinneo told us several years ago, when he gained ownership of her house. “I’ve never met her, but I feel connected to her because she lived her credo, lived her philosophy. I felt compelled to let this deep thinking live on.”

Last we heard, the project included plans to raise the house and create a public space below. The development will be called Credo Square, which will feature plants and flowing water, and it will be surrounded by tiles that can be purchased (for $250 on up) featuring your own name and “credo.” We’ll update on any new progress with the project.

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