Calling all artists: Ballard Artisan Market to start in conjunciton with Sunday Farmers Market

Would you like some fine art with your broccoli and cauliflower? The Ballard Farmers Market will soon have a creative neighbor; the Ballard Artisan Market is starting just around the corner from the famed farmers market on Sundays in Ballard. The Seattle Farmers Market Association is currently looking for artists to apply for their August opening, which will feature artisanal food products, functional trade crafts and fine arts.

From the Seattle Farmers Market Association:

We invite Washington small-scale processors of fine foods such as herbal mixes, condiments, salsas, vinegars, oils, verjus, grain and bean-based foods, other specialty foods, wines and beers, sauces, and preserves. Fine food products should feature local ingredients as much as possible. We expect creativity and encourage heritage recipes made with traditional processing techniques.

We also invite resident artists in Washington to apply for a vendor space. We welcome painters, photographers, cobblers, makers of metal cookware, hardware, service wares, woodworkers, textile designers, sculptors, potters, ceramicists, candlemakers, and other creative and functional wares.

…This expansion will promote the cultural arts of our area while attracting more people to the bustling Ballard neighborhood. We will also encourage vendors to demonstrate their skill to market visitors. This will be an opportunity to revive awareness of the historical trades and skills that were integral to the vitality of our region.

To apply to be part of the new market, contact the association at


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