Local dogwalker’s truck stolen in North Ballard

image (6)Update: Melanie Schwetzer-Guymon wrote to tell us that Kelsey’s truck has been found.

Original Post: A truck was stolen from a local dogwalker in Ballard over the weekend. Kelsey Sowell’s friend Melanie Schwetzer-Guymon wrote to tell us of the incident, and says Sowell uses the truck for her dogwalking business and that losing could mean she loses her business. “She owns a dog walking business which just celebrated its one year anniversary and she scrimped and saved for that truck, which is specially fitted to transport the doggies she takes on outings every day,” Schwetzer-Guymon writes. “As I’m sure you’re aware most people do not get theft insurance on their cars and therefore when a car gets stolen they are out of luck. For her, this could literally sink her business.”

image (5)The car was stolen on Earl Ave NW just off of NW 65th St. It’s a 1993 red Nissan pickup truck with chrome wheels, a black canopy and grated windows. The business website, “www.homewardhoundseattle.com” is printed in big white letters across the tailgate, and the license plate is B77903U.

“I hate to admit that I depend so much on a vehicle, but Rita is pretty much the heart of my little business, and it’s going to be very difficult to start all over from scratch. So if anyone sees her, please please call me, or the police, or both,” Sowell writes.

If you have any tips about Rita’s whereabouts, contact us at tips@myballard.com

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