High winds knock out power and topple trees

Updated Sunday AM All significant outages in our area have been restored.

Updated 4:45 p.m. Wind gusts as high as 40 mph buffeted Ballard on a fall Saturday, knocking out power in northern Ballard, parts of Crown Hill, Greenwood and further north into Broadview. Here’s the outage map:
There was also a report of power lines down along Ballard Ave. near 20th Ave., and a few stores around the Old Ballard area have reported outages, but they remained open. Here’s a photo from Venue along 22nd Ave.:
Along 85th St. and Greenwood Ave., some signals are flashing, others are stuck on red, confusing drivers. At the height of the outage, Seattle City Light says over 45,000 customers were affected in the city.
Ballard’s @robc77 on Twitter said he was walking his dog at Salmon Bay Park and watched this tree crash down on a picnic table. “Stay safe!” he says.

Earlier in the day, a tree fell into a home near Carkeek Park, reports KIRO TV. Branches went into the kitchen, but the homeowner was not injured.
A Crown Hill resident sent us this photo (above) of a tree that crashed down on her deck and trampled the trampoline in the back yard.
The wind tore the plastic cover from this apartment building just west of 15th.

The forecast calls for windy weather throughout the day. Have any weather damage photos? Send them to tips@myballard.com.

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