New Starbucks to open at 53rd and 15th

We have received multiple emails from readers who have seen the “Coming Soon” sign indicating that a new Starbucks that is set to open on the corner of NW 53rd St and 15th Ave NW.

photo 1

The My Ballard team stopped by today to check out the spot and took some photos of the new Starbucks location that is on the previous site of the Carter Motors used car lot.

photo 2We have put in a call to Starbucks offices to find out more about the new store and the scheduled opening date. We will update readers as soon as more information is known. Until then Ballard coffee lovers will just have to wait and see if the large construction site points to the opening of a drive through service!

3 thoughts to “New Starbucks to open at 53rd and 15th”

  1. Hey, so I live across the street and I work at Starbucks, this will be my new store. Today they dropped in the shipping containers which the new drive-thru store will consist of and the driveway is in. There will also be a walk-up window. The opening date has been pushed forward twice, as of now it is supposed to open on Valentine’s day!

  2. Beat up Container Vans ? Come on Starbucks we are trying to improve the looks of Ballard not make it worse. The only thing its missing is some graffiti and that probably won’t be long. I could see doing this exsperimate for the show Gold Rush in the middle of no ware, but not in Ballard.

  3. What’s an exsperimate? And where is no ware? hahha This is the sixth Starbucks drive-through that has used shipping containers. There’s one in Kent and one in Shoreline. It goes along with their philosophy of reuse which they are trying to embrace more and more. I think they’re cool (though not in summer, hahaha). Yes they may become fodder for graffiti, as does the building next door which is NOT made of shipping containers (and had graffiti even when it was an open business and not abandoned like it is now). Good or bad for traffic, we’ll see. I live on the street it’s on so I am definitely curious whether it will cause traffic issues. Luckily no driveway will be located on 53rd. In spite of qualms some may have, this will be a busy store due to it’s location on such a busy street and the convenience of drive-through as well as walk-up windows. I’m sure the employees and patrons of Swedish will be customers, at the very least. Let’s think positive, I wish to have a pleasant place to walk 150 steps to work.

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