CondoInternet now offering gigabit internet service in Ballard

Local Internet Service Provider (ISP) CondoInternet announced today that its gigabit internet service is now available in Ballard. Several local buildings have already signed up for the service including Ballard Place Condominiums, Canal Station, and Canal Station North.

CondoInternet is a subsidiary of Spectrum Networks and was acquired by Wave Broadband in September this year. The local ISP has now added Ballard to the list of the eight local neighborhoods they are currently serving including: Belltown, South Lake Union, Queen Anne, Capitol Hill, First Hill, Pioneer Square, U District, and Bellevue. The ISP currently provides service to more than 15,000 homes throughout the city.

“Ballard is one of Seattle’s most vibrant neighborhoods and we are excited to extend our high- speed gigabit service to the area,” said Joe Bangah, COO of CondoInternet. “We look forward to continuing our expansion in Ballard and other key areas in the Greater Seattle region.”

CondoInternet owns and operates its own network and extended its existing fiber assets to bring service to Ballard. According to the ISP, this enables them to provide “a highly-reliable, multi-path infrastructure built to enterprise standards,” which in laymans terms means higher speeds and more uptime for users.

According to an article on GeekWire, CondoInternet attempted to work with the City of Seattle when it was first seeking private companies to use the city’s 500 miles of unused cabling to deliver high speed internet service to Seattle residents. My Ballard reported the story back in February when Mayor McGinn announced that Ballard had been added to the list of demonstration neighborhoods for the Seattle Broadband Partnership with Gigabit Squared.

GeekWire’s article pointed to an interview with Mayor McGinn on Monday afternoon during which he mentioned that Gigabit was having problems securing funding for the project and raised questions about the future of the project, which is currently delayed.

Opposingly, CondoInternet service appears to be expanding successfully and is getting rave reviews from current customers in Ballard. “I get asked every week ‘how soon until I can get CondoInternet?’ CondoInternet has generated more excitement than any other service our building has introduced,” says Mark Ernsting, Chief Concierge at Ballard Place Condominiums.

CondoInternet provides service to apartments and condominiums and is currently the #1 ranked ISP in Seattle on

To learn more about CondoInternet and their service click here or call their Seattle office at (206) 777-6666.

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