Section of Shilshole Ave NW/NW 45th St set to become one-way eastbound

Map bikeShilshole Ave NW/45th St between NW 46th St and 11th Ave NW is set to become one-way eastbound for vehicles, with a separate two-way bicycle lane to the north. SDOT is making the roadway change to address long term safety concerns about the area.

SDOT crews will be installing striping and signage along the Shilshole Ave NW/NW 45th St segment this weekend, December 20-22. Westbound motor vehicle traffic will be detoured onto NW 46th  Street at 11th Ave NW. Eastbound traffic may experience some delays.

The roadway change comes after collaboration with businesses in the area. Access to all businesses will be maintained, although some routings will change due to the one-way modification. New signage will direct those heading westbound on NW 45th St, east of 11th Ave NW, to head north to NW 46th St instead.

The segment of Shilshole Ave NW/NW 45th St is one of the highest bike collision locations in Seattle and is also a heavy industrial area. SDOT crews will also be installing all-way stops on 14th Ave NW at NW 45th St and NW 46th St.

Other recent safety improvements in our neighborhood include:

  • Curb islands at bridge abutments at NW 45th St and 15th Ave NW under the Ballard Bridge
  • New intersection signage at Ballard Ave NW and NW 48th St, and at Ballard Ave NW and 17th Ave NW
  • New speed limit sign on Shilshole Ave NW and NW 45th St between NW 46th St and 11th Ave NW

The original South Ballard Corridor Safety Project called for installing advisory bike lanes and speed humps along NW 45th St. Advisory bike lanes clarify with dotted lines where drivers can expect to see bicyclists within a driving lane. Due to this roadway segment being so narrow, one-way motor vehicle travel with a separate bike lane was determined to be a better option.

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