Ballard wakes up to a blanket of snow

Updated: Ballard was blanketed in a thin layer of snow this morning, measuring about an inch in most parts, a little more in Crown Hill and a little less in Central Ballard. It was enough for Seattle Public Schools to start two hours late and for Metro buses to switch to snow routes, but by mid-morning the snow was already beginning to melt. Here’s 15th and Market right now:

Traffic moved smoothly in Ballard, light at first, but picked up more neighbors ventured out as the slush turned to water. (See our live traffic cameras). Most of the traffic issues around Seattle were centered in hilly neighborhoods like Capitol Hill and West Seattle. Forecasters say most of the snow should be melted by this evening’s commute.
This was the scene at 6:30 a.m. at Market and 24th St., thanks to a photo by @seattlesaulty on Twitter. As you can see, a thin layer of snow began sticking on the roadways, which didn’t pose a problem for careful drivers.
Here’s the view looking south on 67th, thanks to a photo from Chris.
There’s even enough snow to build a snowman in this picture from Colette.
And in this photo from Tim.
This Instagram photo from @budip is from 56th and 28th.
Jamie sent us this photo of “Allie the snowgirl.”
“My dog loves the snow! She lives to eat and roll in it,” writes Jennifer, who took this photo in Loyal Heights.
Not just dogs, but “polar bears in Ballard,” says Patty, who sent us this photo.
@Shrendan sent us this earning-morning picture near the Ross Playfield on the Fremont side of Ballard. And Holly sent us this photo (below). “It’s truly beginning to feel a lot like Christmas!” she says.
Thanks to everyone who sent us photos!

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