Bizarre discovery near the Fremont Troll

trollThe Fremont Troll sometimes attracts strange characters in the middle of the night, but this incident is especially bizarre and troubling. Seattle Police say homeowners across the street from the Troll woke up early this morning to discover bloody animal skulls in their yard.

“Ten of the animal skulls were spread across the lawn and two were placed on a porch—one was left on a chair. The skulls appeared freshly skinned and still bloody,” Seattle PD explained. “One of the residents told officers he had ‘run off’ some ‘neighborhood kids’ the previous night, and believed they may be responsible for the skullduggery.”

Seattle Police did not elaborate on the type of the animals, and officers are “investigating whether the skulls were left as offering to the Fremont Troll or were some form of internet trolling come to life.”

(File photo)

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