Should we change comments?

About two years ago, we changed commenting on My Ballard to require a Facebook account. We made the change in response to a spam problem and an increasing lack of civility.

As we expected, the number of comments dropped, and we’re occasionally asked by someone without a Facebook account to open it up to everyone. Then last week, we installed new spam-resistant software to power the new forum and neighborhood groups. That same platform could power the comments.

Here’s how it would work: you register once, and that same login and avatar would apply to comments, groups and the forum. We asked forum members for their thoughts, and they support the change, but we also realize there’s a group of Facebook users who may want to keep the comments the same.

Please let us know in comments, or head over to the forum and do the same (you’ll need to register first to post in the forum).

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The founders of My Ballard

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