Simply Clean enter final month of Winter Warmth Campaign


Seattle based cleaning company Simply Clean is entering the final month of their Winter Warmth Campaign and they need your help.

The company services the majority of King County and they are looking for locals to donate clothing and goods to them, which in turn will be turned over to shelters, missions, and those on the street.

“While the Seattle area is full of amazing and charitable people, many are unaware as to how cold it can be outside without proper clothing and such,” writes Irv from Simply Clean.

Although the company is based in Westlake, they are reaching out to Ballardites to get behind a good cause. If you are stopping by Westlake clothing and goods can be donated at Simply Clean headquarters (1818 Westlake Ave N Suite 232).

The Simply Clean team also wanted to let locals know about the following local organizations where residents can donate items and volunteer their time:

  • The Ballard Ecumenical Ministry homeless shelter helps provide support to the homeless population suffering from mental illness. They’re always seeking volunteers to help with their services.
  • Compass Housing Alliance provides emergency shelter, veteran’s programs, permanent housing and much more to those in need. In early 2013, they established Nyrer Urness House in Ballard to provide permanent housing to formerly homeless men and women. They actively seek donations and volunteers to help provide services to the impoverished, so please consider donating time or funds to a great cause.

The Simply Clean team currently have nearly 20 hefty bags of clothing and supplies which are all set to be delivered to various shelters and organizations in the Seattle area.

They are still actively encouraging donations, so if you would like to contribute click here to contact the team to organize a donation time.

One thought to “Simply Clean enter final month of Winter Warmth Campaign”

  1. Compass Housing Alliance runs many programs for homeless people. However, some of those programs treat the clients as if they were just no one. they are many veterans who have been made homeless by compass housing alliance staff. If you want to help a homeless veteran please do not donate any money to Compass Housing Alliance. They do not respect their clients. Do a google search. You will find evidence of a lawsuit. You will find if you investigate properly that this charity issues 10 day notices to veterans as if they were a matter of no consequence to the veterans future. If you must help veterans thorugh the compass housing alliance. Volunteer your time, speak to those veterans out of sight of the staff of the program. You will learn the truth. If you have no time, donate some materials, at least some veteran in the building will get it even it. The compass housing alliance is involved with a scam with the VA. Details are simple. Veterans who don’t have jobs are highly encouraged through different means (encouragement by many staff members, intimidation (you have a 10 day notice on your door and we have invented problems and classified it as non-compliance) to engage in services that cost the american tax payer a lot of money. These services include Counseling for issues the veterans dont have, group therapy (again for issues the veterans dont have), and classes (again for issues that the veterans dont have). Any veteran who happens to disagree with staff about staffs opinion of what services the veterans needs will be treated to a set of actions from multiple staff members from both the compass housing alliance and the va that may cost them the housing they just got. So please if you want to help American Veterans, please do not donate any money to the compass housing alliance. They don’t value people, especially the nations finest, they don’t deserve it, they deserve to be investigated to the fullest extent to the law for a conduct that is somewhat more akin to something out of Stasi Germany than the Freedom loving USA. Bless this nations veterans. For they have served to protect us from those that mean to deceive us. Imagine your son or daugher is a veteran and is homeless. Imagine them going into a housing program thinking they are saved. Imagine them dealing with staff from both the federal goverment and a local charity inventing things about them and having no one to stand on their side. Imagine that someone is making lots of money screwing sons and daughters of this nation who have served this nation and footing the american tax payer for the bill. Imagine that veteran being homeless and eventually becoming a drug addict. Not the future you were looking for when you donate money to help american veterans, is it?. That is what will happen if you donate your money to these people. So please, please Don’t. A former client who knows others with the same problems

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