Mayor praises Ballard for post-Super Bowl politeness on Twitter

Twitter feeds have been jam packed today with the hashtag #HowSeattleRiots, describing the polite and considerate way in which Seahawks fans celebrated after the Super Bowl win. Our very own celebrations in Ballard, complete with lack of jay-walking and all, have been featured all over the internet today.

The celebration by the crowd at Market and Leary even drew special attention from Mayor Ed Murray. He posted the tweet below in response to a video of fans in full celebration mode, while at the same time obeying the law and only crossing to high five when the pedestrian light flashed green.

The Stranger also featured a post on the post Super Bowl celebrations in our ‘hood commenting on the “revelers in Ballard rioting without jaywalking.”

The My Ballard team was there to witness the joy, excitement and the extreme amount of high fives exchanged as fans crossed Market St (only when the light was green of course). Check out some photos and a video below:

photo 2

photo 3

photo 4

photo 5

Overall, it was a fantastic victory for Seattle and a fantastic night of celebration in Ballard. So, in closing, as Mayor Murray said, “good job Ballard!”

One thought to “Mayor praises Ballard for post-Super Bowl politeness on Twitter”

  1. Sorry, Mr. Mayor but the whole of Ballard was not polite on Superbowl night. My son was assaulted by several individuals while everyone around him was having fun. He is seriously injured and has a long road ahead of him for recovery. I have lived in Ballard for over 23 years and would never have expected anything as such to happen to my son or anyone else for this matter. What should have been a night of peaceful celebration was not the case for my family. I am so happy for the Seahawks and their win but am not so happy by the cowards that took it upon themselves to beat up my son and then leave the area and do it when he was by himself and not with his group of friends. So, Mr. Mayor you may want to revise you original comment to include this act of violence so that Ballard residence are cautious about their safety in these types of events. Thanks

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