SDOT opens applications for neighborhood parklet pilot program

Do you have a creative idea for a small public space in Ballard? Now is your opportunity to pitch the idea by applying to become a parklet host!

The Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) has just released a call for new parklet applications, and you’re invited to apply.

What exactly is a parklet you may ask? Parklets convert one or two on-street parking spaces into public open space. They help to activate the right-of-way, promote economic vitality, and support vibrant neighborhoods. Although parklets are privately funded and maintained, they are open for everyone in the neighborhood to enjoy.

Seattle’s Pilot Parklet Program launched in summer last year with the opening of the Montana Bar parklet on Capitol Hill and the approval of parklets in Belltown and Chinatown/International District. The pilot program explores how well parklets serve Seattle neighborhoods; extending the program through 2014 will allow SDOT to evaluate parklets in diverse neighborhoods and conditions before making recommendations on a permanent program.

SDOT will permit five new parklet locations this year, and one of those five could be right here in Ballard! Check out an example of a parklet from Philadelphia below:


If you are interested in applying completing an application is easy. You simply need to prepare a basic site plan showing the ideas for your parklet, collect at least two letters of support from businesses or residents near the proposed parklet, include a few photos of the parklet location, and write a paragraph or two explaining why you want to host a parklet. Visit the program website for more information and to download the application guidelines.

If you need a little more inspiration check out SDOT’s parklet gallery to see photos of parklets in other North American cities. All applications must be submitted to jennifer.wieland@seattle,gov by 5 p.m. on February, 28.

Photo courtesy of SDOT. Photo credit – Haley Waugh,

5 thoughts to “SDOT opens applications for neighborhood parklet pilot program”

  1. My definition of a park or parklet is open space for benches (people), trees and other woody plants, a path, sculpture and some grass. Lately, Seattle seems to think parks are primarily paver/pavement plazas and grass with some trees and benches. Big difference. So before your question is answered, what is the WDOT definition of a parklet?

  2. Nothing says park like sitting on pavement while cars are whizzing by in the street right next to you.

    Hello SDOT? Do the people who decide to take away parking so parklets can be installed actually even use the city?

    This is yet another idea that is making Seattle a crap city that is unusable by its residents.

    Keep the great ideas coming.

  3. Double-delicious! Not only can we cut down on Ballard’s vast oversupply of on-street parking, but our new apodment brethren will have nice tiny paved microparks to go with their microhousing!

  4. SDOT or Seattle Dept of Transportation . How would removing parking spaces help Transportation ? Sounds like somebody needs to mind there own business……

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