Parade of historic fishing vessels set to start at Fishermen’s Terminal tomorrow

This Thursday, February 13, at 10 a.m. a parade of Historic Fishing Vessels is set to start from Fishermen’s Terminal (3919 18th Ave W). The parade will continue to South Lake Union arriving at approximately 11 a.m.

The event is set to be something very unique as it will be made up of Seattle’s working boats; historic wooden fishing schooners, some of which are more than 100 years old.

The parade is part of a new exhibit at The Center for Wooden Boats about the boats and the people who still utilize the vessels to journey to the North Pacific, bringing back fish for not only Seattle but the rest of the United States.

The boats from the Fishing Vessel Owners Association will begin a parade from their home dock at Fishermen’s Terminal in Ballard, down the Ship Canal to Lake Union. The boats will dock at the wharves near CWB where this Saturday, February 15, a new exhibit is set to open that honors the 100th anniversary of the Fishing Vessel Owners’ Association and tells the story of the historic wooden halibut schooners.

All are welcome to attend the event and check out some amazing parts of Seattle’s history that have been influenced by the people of our neighborhood.

2 thoughts to “Parade of historic fishing vessels set to start at Fishermen’s Terminal tomorrow”

  1. Good luck to the schooners and everyone else this season! The rest of the fleet is very proud of the traditions you folks carry on for all of us. Be safe!

  2. I especially like the photos. I’m looking forward to visiting the exhibit @ the center for wooden boats later this summer Thank you, ( shipwright from Sitka)

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