The Bitter Roots release new video in time for Valentine’s Day

Ballard band The Bitter Roots has released their latest music video From the Beginning just in time for Valentine’s Day. The song performed in the clip is from their new album Chiaroscuro.

The Bitter Roots comprises of duo Jeff Stetson and Ben Koostra  Don Allen, the third member of the band, left the group a few months ago.The Bitter Roots formed back in 2008 when long time friends Koostra and Stetson reconnected in Seattle, after being long time friends in their hometown of Missoula MT. “I had a new batch of songs I wanted to do something with and when he (Koostra) got to town I played them for him and we got it all going from there,” said Stetson.

The band has strong ties to our neighborhood and the trio refer to it as their “home base”. The connection to Ballard started when Stetson and his wife Amy moved to our area in the late 90s. “It was the most affordable neighborhood at the time that reminded us the most of home. We love it here,” said Stetson.

From the Beginning was filmed here in Ballard by Ricky Pharoe of the rap group Art Vandelay. Pharoe took the footage and then mixed in some unique effects.

Check out the video below:

When asked to describe the latest video, Stetson says “this one’s for all the lovers.”

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