Thunderbird Tavern set to re-open in Ballard this weekend

1509298_218013201723004_419339946_nThe iconic Thunderbird Tavern (7515 15th Ave NW), which closed last summer, is set to re-open this weekend!

Madison Eckendorf has teamed up Ian Smith (who owns popular Seattle food cart Secret Sausage) to breathe new life into one of Ballard’s beloved dive bars.

“We have embraced the very essence of “dive” and I tried my best to make it welcoming to all,”  says Eckendorf. “I understand the history the Thunderbird has had being one of the original Ballard bars since the 50’s. We want to continue the history and bring the bar back to what it was.”

Eckendorf and Smith recently bought the establishment and have been remodeling it to embrace its dive bar roots. “I am not reinventing the neighborhood tavern, I want to bring back the cozy bar with cold beer and good people,” says Eckendorf.

In terms of the beverages that will be on offer, the new Thunderbird is set to feature a variety of spirits and beers from local distillers and breweries. The tavern will also have the entire Secret Sausage menu on offer for patrons to enjoy.

According to Seattle Eater, Thunderbird regulars will recognize both the design and feeling of their neighborhood favorite.

“We are not trying to market ourselves for the hip 21-year-olds that crowd Market St. in the center of Ballard. We want surrounding neighborhood patrons to come in and still see their Thunderbird, just a little cleaned up,” Eckendorf told Seattle Eater.

The tavern is set to open its doors for the official opening party this Saturday, March 1 at 2 p.m. After the opening hours will be 2 p.m. – 2 a.m. daily.

Check out the Thunderbird Facebook page for updates about the opening.

Photo courtesy of Thunderbird Tavern.

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