Ballard Beer Company set to open on Market in May

After posting the news that Ballard Beer Company is set to open in the La Tienda space, the My Ballard team caught up with owner Greg Anderson to hear more about Market St’s newest watering hole.

Anderson and his wife Lena have been a part of the Ballard community for a long time. Lena grew up in the neighborhood and then moved back here with Greg when their daughter was born to be closer to Granny and Pops.

“Moving back to Ballard was one of the best decisions we ever made.  The kids get to grow up next door to their grandparents and we are in walking distance to all the Ballard breweries,” says Anderson.

According to Anderson, Ballard Beer Company is set to be “a community minded business that believes that beer is fun, beer has history and beer is cool.”

The physical layout of the space is set to have a unique design with a bottle shop in the front and a taproom in the back. Anderson reveals that Ballard Beer Company is set to feature a “nice, thoughtful” selection of bottled beer and between 15-20 beers on tap.

When asked what inspired him to open Ballard Beer Company Anderson had a lot to say about the quality of the local brews. “I love that there is a beer culture growing right here in Ballard! Having experienced every one of our breweries I can tell you there is some very good beer being brewed here and I have a feeling it’s only going to get better,” says Anderson.

Ballard Beer Company is set to open in early/mid May. Until then, Anderson will be busily working on the build out with Ballard contractors.

The My Ballard team will keep readers informed of the opening date when it is known.

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