Ballard sauces take Seattle by storm

According to Seattle Magazine, Bonache sauce made right here in Ballard is giving the traditional favorites Tabasco and Sriracha a run for their money.

The sauce line was founded by Ballardite Marc Olsen and the name, pronounced “bone-atch”, was the creation of Olsen’s child.

“Bonache  is a word our son made up when he was 3 to describe many, many things. We have no idea either,” writes Olsen on the Bonache website.

The sauces are made right here in Ballard and the line includes varieties such as Habañero, Hatch, Socorro and Piri.


According to Seattle Magazine, you can taste test the sauces at local hot spot Hattie’s Hat and some further from Ballard including Lost Lake on Capitol Hill and Brave Horse Tavern in South Lake Union.

The sauces can also be purchased for use in your own kitchen on the Bonache website and at PCC Natural Markets, Central Co-op on Capitol Hill, DeLaurenti at Pike Place Market and Tom Douglas’ new specialty grocery, Home Remedy in Belltown.

Photo courtesy of Seattle Magazine. Photo credit – Jonathan Vanderweit

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