Ballard Jazz Festival set for April 16 – 19

130420_1949The 12th annual Ballard Jazz Festival wish set to entertain the masses from April 16 through 19 this year.

The festival embraces the feeling of “old” Ballard and will feature a wide variety of modern American music at clubs, bars, shops, and at the Nordic Heritage Museum.

Over the years, the four day festival has grown into a significant part of the Northwest’s jazz and live music scene. The festival is strongly supported by local businesses, media outlets and the community itself. Each year the festival brings on average 2000 attendees from all over Washington and beyond and about 70-85% of festival revenue is pumped back into Ballard’s economy.

In terms of performers, Ballard Jazz Festival attracts highly talented musicians from all over the world. This year the festival is set to feature world class acts including Sonny Fortune, Chano Dominguez, Marina Alberto, Dana Hall and Ted Poor just to name a few.

“Our program for this season promises to continue on that path with more music than ever,” writes organizers on the Ballard Jazz Festival website.

Of course the usual event favorites are on the ticket including Brotherhood of the Drum on April 16, the “Guitar Summit” on April 17, the Jazz Walk on April and to finish things off, the traditional Swedish Pancake Jazz Brunch at the Nordic Heritage Museum on April 19.

Tickets to both individual events and festival passes are now available online. Ticket costs vary for each individual show and festival passes are available for $100.

Photo courtesy of Ballard Jazz Festival.

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