BHS students wins journalist of the year


Ballard High School senior Anna Ferkingstad was awarded the 2014 Washington State Journalist Of The Year on March 15 at Shorewood High School. The awards are hosted every year by the Washington State Journalism Education Association (WJEA).

Ferkingstad has studied journalism for three years, starting in the introduction journalism writing class as a freshman and has been the news editor for the past two years on BHS newspaper The Talisman.

“Few students have achieved as much in their writing and reporting as Anna has achieved as an editor. Anna has been one of the most skillful editors The Talisman has produced,” writes BHS teachers on their website.

Ferkingstad’s passion for and expertise in journalism recently won her Second Place for her article “Seattle boycott draws national attention,” at the 2014 Murrow High School Journalism Awards Competition.

As journalist of the year Ferkingstad will receive a $2,000 scholarship and will represent the state of Washington as her portfolio is forwarded to the national journalist of the year competition.

Click here to check out some of Ferkingstad’s reporting.

Photo courtesy of Ballard High School.

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