Mayor Murray announces $85,000 investment in Ballard business district

mayorDuring an event at Bastille Cafe last week, Mayor Ed Murray announced a $2 million investment in 18 neighborhood business districts. The investment is part of the Only in Seattle Initiative and Ballard has been designated $85,000.

“This investment in neighborhood business districts is critical to our city,” says Mayor Ed Murray. “Healthy business districts equate to thriving businesses, stable jobs and overall success for our city.”

According to the Mayor’s Office, small businesses employ 72 percent of Seattle’s workforce and contribute 35 percent of the city’s business tax revenues, which totals to $55.4 million. The investment is being made as Mayor Murray believes that neighborhood business districts serve as the “incubators” for many of the city’s small businesses.

The $85,000 for our neighborhood was awarded to assist with the Ballard Partnership for Smart Growth strategic planning initiative. Other neighborhoods including Belltown, Capitol Hill, Chinatown/International District, First Hill, Lake City, and University District are set to receive portions of $1.1 million from the Only in Seattle Initiative.

Mayor Murray was introduced at last week’s event by Ballard Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Mike Stewart, who said a few words about the aim of the Ballard Partnership for Smart Growth.

“It was just a little over a year ago that the Ballard Chamber Board of Directors pulled together several stakeholders to engage in a conversation about the need to start working together and begin shaping Ballard’s future rather than allowing new growth and development to completely reshape Ballard,” says Stewart.

The 2013 Only in Seattle grant kicked off the Ballard Partnership for Smart Growth, bringing together over 50 stakeholders from the maritime, retail and restaurant industries.

This year’s grant will allow the Partnership to continue and further their efforts through five working groups that focus on important elements vital to the future of Ballard as a business district.  The working groups focus on the following topics: Urban Design and Transportation, Business Retention and Economic Development, Marketing and Promotions, Health, Safety and Cleanliness, and a Leadership.

Photo courtesy of the Office of the Mayor.

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  1. More bike lanes and more public transportation! It’s dangerous to ride your bike on Market Street. In the summer you can’t even drive thru Ballard! Parking is horrendous and driving is overrated. BRING US LIGHT RAIL! The businesses are doing fine…we need more public transport.

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