Ballard Market donates percentage of sales to Sustainable Ballard


Locals who shop at Ballard Market (1400 NW 56th St) can assist in raising funds for local organization Sustainable Ballard.

As a non-profit organization registered with Ballard Market, Sustainable Ballard receives a donation of 1% of pre-tax subtotals from receipts locals send in.

After shopping at Ballard Market, bring your receipts to any Sustainable Ballard meeting or mail them to the address below:

Sustainable Ballard
2442 Market St PMB 286
Seattle, WA, 98107

To find out more about the work of Sustainable Ballard click here.

One thought to “Ballard Market donates percentage of sales to Sustainable Ballard”

  1. Why do shoppers have to save receipts and make Sustainable Ballard tally them up? Doesn’t Ballard Market know perfectly well how much money they take in on a certain day? Why can’t they just donate a percentage of that? Or at the very least have a box AT THE STORE where people could stuff the receipts if they agree to Sustainable Ballard getting the donation.

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