Throwback Thursday: Ballard schools in times gone by

It’s that time of the week where we take a look back at the Ballard of yesteryear.

This week we are featuring some photos and stories from Ballard schools back in the day.

The black and white photo below students outside Ballard High School in 1890.


The black and white photo below features the graduating class of Ballard High School from 1903. Students identified on back of photo are Will Maxwell, Tom Donald, John McCracken, Ida Kath, Josephine Josephson and Ethel Armstrong. Wonder if they had a year book?


The black and white photo below was taken in 1920 and shows the Whittier baseball team.


The black and white photo below was taken in 1900 and shows over 50 students outside Salmon Bay School.

salmon bay

The below black and white photo from 1972 was an original press photo taken at Crown Hill Elementary. “The photo features Jeff Carr, 8, a second-grader diving over the high-jump bar in the Crown Hill Elementary Junior Olympics,” writes My Ballard reader Kris Brunlow.

crown hill

Do you have an historical photo or a story that readers would enjoy hearing about? Email us at with Throwback Thursday in the subject line.

Photos and information courtesy of Ballard Historical SocietyPhoto from Crown Hill Elementary courtesy of Kris Brunlow. 

One thought to “Throwback Thursday: Ballard schools in times gone by”

  1. It is rather interesting that the boy in the last photograph was jumping over the bar head-first, rather than employing the Fosbury Flop which was made very popular at the 1968 Olympics only four years prior.

    Perhaps these trends were just slow to migrate to sleepy Ballard.

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