Double rainbow takes over sky in Ballard

On Thursday evening, a spectacular double rainbow could be seen from various angles all over Ballard. Some My Ballard readers emailed in their shots for everyone to enjoy! Check them out below:

The below photo was emailed in by Jonathan Perrino. It was taken from NW 73rd St and 17th Ave NW at 7:35 p.m. on Thursday.


Lori Snider sent in the below photo of the rainbow over Salmon Bay joining Ballard and Magnolia.

rainbow 2

Joanne Woiak sent in the below photo of the rainbow as viewed from NW Market St.


Lars Phillips took the below photo of the rainbow as viewed above Matthew’s Beach.


Thanks to the above readers who emailed in their amazing photos.

Have you got an amazing shot of the rainbows in Ballard? Email them to us at and we’ll feature them on our Facebook page.

One thought to “Double rainbow takes over sky in Ballard”

  1. I, too, took photos of this majestic event and felt so lucky to have witnessed it! Thank you for celebrating this on Amidst all of the negative and sad news about human nature, corruption, etc, we also need to focus on the beauty of nature and small miracles.

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