Throwback Thursday: Ballard Police of yesteryear

This week we thought we would take a look some photos of the Ballard Police back in the day. The photos that we discovered provide an intriguing look into the police force of “old” Ballard and showcase their smart uniforms!

The black and white photo below was taken in 1907. It features a posed photo postcard of the Ballard Station Police Force which comprises of 18 men in uniform and a small dog on steps of Ballard City Hall.  Part of sign visible says “Seattle Police Dept – Ballard Station”.


The black and white photo below, taken in 1905, shows the Ballard Police on horseback with Victorian style homes in the background. In this shot police are in their formal uniform complete with hats and all.


The black and white photo below was taken in and shows twelve police officers standing in a line on the street. The spectators in the background seem to indicate that it was a parade day.

police 3

The below portrait was taken in 1890 and features an unknown police officer dressed in uniform.

police 4

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Photo and information courtesy of Ballard Historical Society.

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  1. you’re missing an end tag for the italics after “Ballard Historical Society”…it’s turning the rest of the site into italics.

  2. Ballard had its own police force until it was annexed by Seattle in 1907. However, they still had beat cops walking the beat on Market Street and Ballard avenue until the 1960s at least! I think we need them back!

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