Ballard wins five spots in legal pot store lottery

According to a report by our news partners The Seattle Times, Ballard has won five spots in the Liquor Control Board’s lottery to allocate legal pot stores in Seattle.

The Board allocated for 21 stores for Seattle and 191 applicants went through a pre-screening process in order to be eligible for the lottery. Each applicant who qualified then drew a lottery number and those who drew numbers 21 and lower were successful in gaining an opportunity to open up shop.

However, according to the report, the lottery results don’t guarantee applicants a retail license and store. Applicants must now have their operations and financial plans approved and must pass a criminal background check. After these steps are completed, applicants must then build out their store and pass a final inspection before being granted their license.

Sodo is set to become the number one hot spot for legal pot stores with eight applications, Ballard is next with five, followed by locations set to open on or near Aurora Ave N who won three applications.

Nectar Gardens, which is set to open at 4919 17th Ave NW, was the highest achieving applicant in the lottery from our neighborhood, winning number 3.

Check out list below of Ballard applicants that won spots in the top 21:

  • Nectar Gardens – 4919 17th Ave NW
  • Zap Enterprises – 1550 NW Market St
  • American Mary – 5300 17th Ave NW
  • KC Martin Franks – 4919 17th Ave NW
  • Bud Bouquets – 817 NW 85th St

According to The Seattle Times, state officials are set to start issuing licenses starting in early July.

Click here to check out the full list of lottery results. (Click on the Marijuana Lottery Results heading).

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  1. 1550 NW Market Street is the 7-Eleven at the corner of 17th and Market. Yes it makes sense to sell marijuana next to Doritos and Ice Cream but I don’t think that is the correct address.

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