The RE Store set to close for good at the end of May

1234002_10151660246833300_348881272_nBallard favorite The RE Store (1440 NW 52nd St) is set to close its doors for good on May 31st.

The RE Store team wrote the following statement on their website in regards to the closure:

After much deliberation, the Board of RE Sources for Sustainable Communities decided that construction and demolition waste issues are being adequately addressed by other businesses and organizations in the Seattle area, and therefore will be closing The RE Store in Seattle. We will be focusing our efforts on serving northwest Washington at our Bellingham location.

The store opened in Ballard in 1999 and was founded by non profit organization RE Sources for Sustainable Communities. The store, and its Bellingham counterpart, was opened to address the growing problem of wasteful disposal of useable building materials.

The RE Store provides an alternative for their unwanted or unused building materials. In 2010, their efforts saved a total of 4,503,000 pounds of building supplies which is the equivalent weight of 5 Boeing 747s or 59 semi-trailers.

After the doors are closed for the final time, the store is sure to be deeply missed by members of our local community.

The store’s Bellingham location will continue to operate after the Ballard store closes.

The RE Store will be open Monday through Saturday 9 a.m. – 6 p.m. and Sundays 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. until the closure on May 31.

11 thoughts to “The RE Store set to close for good at the end of May”

  1. Almost all the light fixtures in our home came from there. We found some amazing mid-century, era appropriate fixtures that needed nothing more than some TLC, elbow grease and fresh wiring to be brought back to life. Such a fun store to poke around in, really something of a scavenger hunt. It’s somewhat encouraging to know that they’re able to close in part because people are being smarter about recycling/repurposing materials from old homes instead of just tossing it all in a landfill.

  2. This is really sad. There’s been a lot of give and take between our house and the Restore since they opened many years ago. It’s a unique place and I absolutely do not believe that other businesses are filling their role. Where else can you go to donate or buy used house parts in this area of Seattle?

  3. I feel great sadness at closure of the Seattle ReStore. Our home renovation efforts would not have been possible without the vintage products found there, and the staff have always been wonderful. Plus, it has the best-decorated vintage bathroom ever. The only good news is that the Bellingham ReStore will continue. It’s great–check it out!

  4. So, who are these businesses that are “adequately addressing” the used building material supply? Maybe I’m just spoiled by having the ReStore so close, but I don’t really know of any other place like it.

  5. I love those guys! They salvaged my house, worked around my schedule and they helped me with creative ideas and fun materials. Rumor has it a group of long-time employees is trying to keep it going under a new name. Sounds like they need to raise some capital.

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