Chippy’s Fish and Drink opens today on Ballard Ave

lao2618_960x0Chippy’s Fish and Drink, the latest eatery from Seattle restaurateur Ethan Stowell, opens at 4 p.m. today at 4741 Ballard Ave.

The My Ballard team covered the initial announcement of the opening back in January.

The eatery is set in a 600-square-foot space with a wood floor, light grey walls and an exposed brick wall that is shared with neighbor Staple & Fancy.

In terms of the menu, it’s jam packed with stellar seafood including offerings like Oregon Bay Shrimp Louie, St. Jude’s Albacore Tuna Poke, Fried Oyster Sandwiches and of course fish and chips. Guests will be able to sample a wide variety of fish choices including ling cod, halibut and salmon as the season permits. Click here to check out the full dinner menu.

On the drink side of things, Food and Beverage Director Sennen David has put together a fantastic line up. Chippy’s will be offering beer, wine, hard cider and a vast selection of spirits. The major focus will be placed on craft been and whiskey. The bar will also feature eight rotating beer taps that will showcase local, national and international favorites.

Chippy’s will open its doors for the first time at 4 p.m. today and from then on will be open from 5 p.m. – 11 p.m. Monday through Friday and from 4 p.m. – 11 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays.

Photo courtesy of Chippy’s.

10 thoughts to “Chippy’s Fish and Drink opens today on Ballard Ave”

  1. Well, no, Biz… take a friend out to lunch at Chippy’s and feel kind of silly, because they’re not open for lunch.

    They are more expensive than I’d expected. Just means I won’t go there very often. Problem solved.

  2. @Biz

    You pay more for better food and a better dining experience. Also, I’m not sure where you normally get dinner but the prices on the Chippy’s menu don’t look too much higher than other seafood restaurants in town. Unless you know of some super secret cheap seafood restaurant that I’ve never heard of. . .

  3. Yes, I am also disappointed with how expensive this is.
    Maybe because he named it “Chippy’s” and, it ostensibly serves fish & chips, one would expect an affordable, working-class meal.
    Do people really eat 10 dollar salads and 10 dollar bowls of chowder (with crackers)?

  4. Ivars closes, and within a month, Ethan Stowall takes advantage of the fish and chips drought by gouging Ballard. Supply and demand?

  5. The best fish and chips are at the Lockspot, a place where the $10 chowder and $16 entree crowd wouldn’t be caught dead anyway.

  6. Geez people, there’s still places in Ballard for ‘old school’ fish & chips. Lockspot, Red Mill Totem House, Little Coney…just look around a little bit.

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