Have you seen a troll in Ballard?

trollDuring the Syttende Mai parade you may have seen a special little troll popping up in Ballard enjoying the festivities.

That cute little guy has actually decided to permanently set up camp here and make Ballard home.

The team at My Ballard lovingly decided to take the little guy in, but the only problem is that he doesn’t have a name. That’s where we thought our trusty readers could come in and give us some suggestions.

troll 2

The little man is very excited to explore Ballard and will reportedly popping up on My Ballard each week in a secret spot for readers to identify .

Never fear he is very friendly, is great with children (as seen in the photo on the right) and most importantly is very proud of his Norwegian heritage.

Do you have ideas for a traditional Scandinavian name for the special troll? Email suggestions to tips@myballard.com and we will put it to a vote on our Facebook page.

Check out our Syttende Mai photo album to check out more pics of the little guy!

4 thoughts to “Have you seen a troll in Ballard?”

  1. I suggest naming the troll Uff Da.

    Also, there used to be a LARGE troll (3 feet tall or so) at the Scandinavian gift shop on NW Market Street. The shop has since closed, but does anyone know what became of that troll?

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