President Obama applauds Ballard celebration of Seahawks’ victory

140521_obama_seahawks_lgDuring today’s speech honoring the Seahawks victory at the White House President Obama made reference to the amazing Seahawks fans in our ‘hood.

The President gave a shout out to the Ballard fans who politely waited for the lights to turn green before spilling onto Market St during the victory celebrations back in February.

Check out an excerpt about Ballard fans from President Obama’s address:

After the Super Bowl, when they had the chance to celebrate, they let loose in true Seattle style. And while some got a little carried away, there’s actually video of a huge group of Seahawks fans interrupting their celebration to wait for the walk sign before crossing an intersection. (Laughter and applause.) So that’s Seattle for you. (Laughter.)

The viral video of the celebrations below must have made it all the way to the White House!

Check out KOMO’s website to read the entirety of the President’s address.

Photo courtesy of Associated Press. Photo credit – Susan Walsh.

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