Tween documentary to feature Loyal Heights students

Local filmmaker and Loyal Heights Elementary parent Terence Brown is about to start production on a documentary that will feature the story of local “tweens”.

The film entitled Before is set to delve into the challenges that students face during the transition between elementary and middle school. Brown will be interviewing about 60 5th graders from Loyal Heights Elementary to gain their insights and perspectives on this particular time in their lives.

“My goal is to explore and even celebrate this awkward and thankfully fleeting phase of life,” says Brown.

Once it is complete, the final video will go live on a website that Brown and his team have created called Their plan is to create an interactive site where people from all over the world can contribute content and stories about their tween years.

“The Before documentary is meant to start of conversation more than make a statement. will be a place to collect these stories and content so that experiences of tweens around the world can be heard,” says Brown.

Check out the promo video below:

Brown has created a Kickstarter in order to raise funds for the project. The fundraiser has nine days remaining to raise the $11 000 needed to produce the film.

Click here to check out more information about the film and to make a donation.

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