SPD releases audio from 911 calls made from SPU

Today, SPD released audio clips from 911 calls made to police by witnesses of yesterday’s shooting at SPU. Check out the information from the SPD blotter below:

In an effort to tell the story of the bravery shown in the face of yesterday’s tragic shooting at Seattle Pacific University campus, the Seattle Police Department is releasing 911 audio and photos, showing the remarkable calm and resourcefulness of students, faculty, and other witnesses in the moments after a gunman opened fire at Otto Miller Hall.

On the recordings, a couple warns police “we just witnessed a shooting on 3rd and Nickerson”; a woman hiding in a professor’s office whispers to a 911 operator “in the lobby, he’s in the lobby”; and a man struck in the initial round of gunfire calmly utters “I think got hit with birdshot or something.”

The recordings have been edited to remove identifying information. The audio is chilling and fairly graphic, so please listen with caution.

Click here to listen to the audio clips.

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