Patxi’s Pizza nears opening of Ballard Avenue location

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By Joe Veyera

A San Francisco-based pizza chain is nearing the opening of its first location in the Pacific Northwest in Ballard in the coming weeks.

Patxi’s Pizza, which has nine locations in the San Francisco Bay Area, and another three in Denver, will begin serving up their Chicago-style at 5323 Ballard Ave NW in the Sanborn Building shortly.

“The Northwest is a region with a passion for culture, art, technology, outdoor adventure and last, but not least, great food,” said William Freeman, one of Patxi’s co-founders, in a press release. “Seattle, and Ballard in particular, has a deep pride in its heritage and a strong commitment to giving back to the community. This authentic spirit and devotion to healthy lifestyles is a perfect blend with the Patxi’s brand and initiatives such as our 52 Weeks of Giving charitable program. We look forward to sharing a portion of our profits with local nonprofit organizations dedicated to education and children’s health and welfare.”



In a release, it was noted that Patxi’s will offer an array of healthy options, and choices for those with dietary restrictions or food allergies, including a gluten-free thin crust option and many alternative vegan and dairy-free cheese options.

“My passion is pizza and it’s an honor to bring Patxi’s Pizza to a new community in Seattle,” said Francisco “Patxi” Azpiroz, Patxi’s other co-founder, in a release.

Patxi’s will also offer delivery, with a service area that will extend to the Ship Canal and Salmon Bay to the south, Puget Sound to the west, Northwest 80th Street to the north, and Highway 99/Aurora Ave North to the east.

(Photos courtesy of Patxi’s Pizza)

13 thoughts to “Patxi’s Pizza nears opening of Ballard Avenue location”

  1. If i want Chicago-style pizza, i’ll go to Benito’s as a first choice and Kylie’s as a second.

    Screw Patxi’s.
    What do SF people know about Chicago pie anyway?

  2. It was once the case that we had too much pizza in central Ballard. That’s no longer true, since Snoose and Flying Squirrel went out. I’m not wild about a non-local chain, but if they can rise above the low bar set by Ballard Pizza, they get my pizza money!

  3. (actually, Ballard Pizza’s pizza, itself, isn’t too bad; it’s the goodness-vs-crowds-and-cost ratio that isn’t working out so well for me)

  4. Delancey is my favorite local pizza. Ballard Pizza Co. is a close second. Also, I recently tried a mushroom/potato pizza at Stoneburner and it was amazing!

  5. Paxti’s is damn good but wished Zachary’s was moving up here instead. Kylie’s just doesnt cut it. Location is weird, too much sauce and service not so good either. I welcome Patxi’s.

  6. Here’s an idea. Don’t like Chicago pizza? Order something else from their menu, Paxti’s has thin crust pizzas and salads as well.

    As for “soulless”, you must have skipped the part where they donate part of their profits to local charities.

  7. Having eaten Paxti’s many times in SF, and having had Benito’s, Benito’s is going to have to up their game. Paxti’s is pretty darn good, and I am excited to have them available.

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