Throwback Thursday: Picnicking in Ballard

By Joe Veyera

There are few better summer pastimes than grabbing a blanket, filling a basket for lunch, and heading out to enjoy a picnic. The Ballardites of yesteryear certainly agreed with that sentiment, with this week’s throwback post taking a look at some of the neighborhood’s picnickers of the past.

The black and white photo below, taken in 1908, shows a Sunday School picnic west of Ballard Locks. A group of adults and children are gathered for the photo. Ted Peterson is sitting on his father’s lap, at the right of the photo.


The black and white photo below, taken in 1910, shows those in attendance at the Methodist Church picnic. According to the Ballard Historical Society, the church was located at State and 3rd in 1910, and is now located at W. 56th and 22nd NW.


The black and white photo below, taken in 1919, shows a family enjoying a Sunday picnic at North Beach. In the photo, people are seated on running board of 1918 Dodge automobile, woman and small child in car.



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Photo and information courtesy of Ballard Historical Society.

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