Seattle Fire Station 18 assists in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

By Joe Veyera

The firefighters of the Seattle Fire Station 18 are no strangers to dousing flames with water. However, dousing their neighbors was a different story, until a Ballard resident asked them for their assistance in completing the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

When Sayda Elmore was nominated by one of her co-workers for the challenge, she enlisted the help of the fire station for her video. 

“I was unsure if they would take the time out of their busy schedule to assist with this but without hesitation Lt.Graddon’s crew stepped up to help a fellow neighbor for a good cause!” Elmore wrote in an email.

Elmore said she wanted to do something special for her video, which led her to her neighbors as the fire station.

“I really appreciate them taking the time to help with this challenge,” Elmore wrote. “They were nice and even gave me a blanket to take home with me.”

To take a look at how the fire station assisted in Elmore’s challenge, click on the video below.

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