Throwback Thursday: The Ballard “Seahawks” of yesteryear

With the season opener of our beloved Seahawks upon us, we thought we would take a trip down memory lane and pay tribute to some local “Seahawks” who were celebrated back in the day.

The black and white photo below of three players from the Ballard High School football team was published in the Seattle P.I. in September 1954. Quarterback Joe Perrigo is pictured on the left.

The caption states that the Ballard Beavers were among eight high school teams featured at the annual East vs. West Jamboree at Memorial Stadium.

The football portion of the rally consisted of four 15-minute quarters with each of the West teams (Ballard, Lincoln, Queen Anne and West Seattle) matched against an East team (Roosevelt, Garfield, Franklin and Cleveland). In true 12th Man style officials reportedly expected a crowd of 13,500.


The black and white photo below features a Ballard versus Franklin High School football game in 1958. The photograph was published in the Seattle P.I. in October that year.

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The black and white photo below, taken in 1925, shows a Ballard football team ready to play in their matching uniforms.

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Photos and information of BHS teams courtesy of MOHAI. Final photo courtesy of Ballard Historical Society.

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