Free yard trees available through Trees for Neighborhoods program


Yard trees are now available for local residents through the City of Seattle’s Trees for Neighborhoods program. Locals are eligible to apply for up to four free trees to plant in their yard.

The two tree species that remain available and the Shore Pine and the Douglas Fir. It is important for applicants to remember that both the species need to be planted in a yard with sufficient room to thrive.

The Shore Pine (Pinus contorta ‘contorta’) is a highly adaptable uniquely shaped evergreen that will add year-round interest to your yard. The Douglas Fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii) is the Pacific Northwest’s quintessential native evergreen and known for its lush canopy and upright growth form.

All Trees for Neighborhoods participants attend a planting and care workshop and pickup and plant the tree themselves. Participants receive training on proper tree planting and maintenance, watering bags, and ongoing tree care reminders.

If you have room for one of these trees in your yard apply for a tree through Trees for Neighborhoods before October 10.

Visit, email, or call (206) 684-3979 for more information.

Photo courtesy of Trees for Neighborhoods.

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