Throwback Thursday: The Ballard Ave of yesteryear

Seeing as Ballard Ave is definitely one of the hot spots of the neighborhood, we thought we would feature some photos of the popular strip over the years for readers to enjoy.

The black and white photo below, taken in 1905, shows an aerial view of Ballard Ave looking south east. According to MOHAI, by 1904 the town of Ballard had 10,000 residents of which most men worked as fisherman or in the lumber and shingle mills. This photo features some staples of Ballard Ave back in the day; horse drawn wagons, wooden sidewalks and an electric streetcar running on tracks in the distance.

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The black and white photo below, taken in 1925, features some businesses on Ballard Ave including Ballard Savings and Loan Association, Chancellor Cigars and the Trafton Hotel.

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The black and white photo below, also taken in 1925, features another angle of Ballard Ave close to where Olympic Athletic Club now stands.

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Photos and information courtesy of MOHAI.

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