SPU to address issue of local sewer backups during storms

My Ballard reader Eric emailed in to let us know about the upcoming SPU meeting set to discuss the sewer backups that occured in our neighborhood as a result of the storm on September 2. The meeting will be held this Thursday, September 25, from 7 – 8 p.m. at 8034 17th Ave NW and all are welcome to attend.

Many locals were affected by the flooding and sewer backups during the storm. “On my block (17th Ave between 75th and 77th) the area was heavily inundated with water, which caused sewer backup in the basements of at least 8 houses,” writes Eric.

The upcoming meeting will give residents a chance to have their questions answered and hear about the likelihood of future sewer back ups.

“Many of my neighbors have had to rip out damaged carpet and drywall and the city is still trying to determine liability and most importantly what caused the event. We are all searching for answers and want to know if this is likely to happen again and whether flood insurance in Ballard is a good idea,” writes Eric.

Thursday’s meeting will feature a presentation by Dave Jacobs, who leads SPU’s System Operations Planning and Analysis (SOPA) group. Jacobs will tell attendees what has been learned about the sewer system in our neighborhood and how the September 2 storm affected the system.

Susan Stoltzfus, from SPU Communications, will also provide information about whether green stormwater infrastructure, like the nearby planned rain gardens, would have had an effect under these conditions. Susan will also record comments and questions during the meeting and follow-up with information that may not be available on the spot.

Those who are unable to attend the meeting will be able to receive information and updates via email. Contact Annie.Tran@seattle.gov for more details.

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