Students attacked by large group in Ballard

According to The Ballard Talisman, two students from Ballard High School were attacked on 14th Ave NW and NW 85th St while walking home from Crown Hill Safeway last Saturday night.

The students were walking through Baker Park between 8:30 p.m. and 9 p.m. when they were confronted by a large group of people. The students were then surrounded and subsequently attacked by the group that reportedly contained some people that they recognized

“We weren’t asking for it. We had a dozen donuts and some soda. They were asking for some donuts and we didn’t want to give them free donuts. We were just talking to them and all of a sudden this kid comes out of nowhere and punches Grant in the head,” one of the victims told reporter Greta Rainbow from the Ballard Talisman.

“He was standing at an angle where I couldn’t even see him in my peripheral vision and he just punched me right in the face [and] fractured my jaw,” the other victim reported.

According to the article, the violence then escalated to the group of between 12 – 15 people hitting and punching the students in the face and head. The students then managed to escape to the nearby Safeway with the attackers in full pursuit until they entered the store. When they were safely inside, the victims were then able to notify police.

“I was shocked that something like that would happen in Ballard,” one victim told Rainbow. “I have always felt super safe.” The student has since been diagnosed with a concussion as a result of the incident.

The victims report that the majority of the attackers were between 15-18 years old, with the group containing about 15 guys and a two or three girls.

Another incident, also reported over the weekend, occurred at Woodland Park and involved the attack of other BHS students. According to Rainbow’s article, one student is currently in hospital after his face was repeatedly stomped on. The students attacked in Ballard told the Ballard Talisman that they believe that the attack was made by the same group they encountered.

Assistant Principal James Slaid advises students to be careful when walking around the neighborhood at night. “Travel in numbers and be aware of your surroundings, you never know the circumstances of these situations,” Slaid told The Ballard Talisman.

One victim’s mother, Debbie, believes that it is important to get this message out to readers before the upcoming BHS Homecoming event on Saturday. “I feel it would be good for all parents of high schoolers to know, just in case the gang tries it again this coming weekend,” says Debbie.

If you have any information regarding the incidents last weekend contact SPD North Precinct at (206) 684-0850.

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