Casting producer seeks Norwegian-Americans for “The Great Norway Adventure” reality TV show

If you’ve always dreamed of being in the limelight, and you’re Norwegian-American, now’s your chance: a casting company is asking for applicants for the next season of Norwegian reality TV show, “Alt for Norge,” which translates to “The Great Norway Adventure.”

Chicago’s O’Conner Casting company is doing a nationwide search for contestants for season 6 of the show, during which 12 Norwegian-Americans are flown to Norway to compete in a series of challenges that test their skills, courage and determination. The winner gets $50,000 and will get to meet Norwegian relatives, “they don’t even know exist,” the casting company tells us.

The reality show has become a huge hit over its past five seasons in Norway. According to Norwegian producer Thor Oreld, the show is popular with viewers because “Norwegians love to see Americans react to typical Norwegian things. We can laugh about their poor adaptation to Norwegian culture and laugh at ourselves as they point out weird customs that we take for granted.”

According to the show’s Casting Producer Joan O’Connor Alt for Jorge is the most popular reality TV show in Norway.Watching Americans experience culture shock and following their emotional journey seems to really connect with Norwegian viewers. And the contestants have a total blast and become overnight Norwegian TV stars,” says O’Connor.

Each season of the show has featured at least one contestant from Washington and the winner of the first season, Doug Miner, was a local from Seattle. Anyone is eligible to apply as long as they are American with Norwegian ancestry (even a little bit counts) who are age 18+ and have never traveled to Norway.

To find out more information and to apply go to and click on “Casting Board.”

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