Crown Hill residents oppose row house development


Crown Hill resident Lesley emailed the My Ballard team to inform us about a group of Crown Hill residents who are fighting to oppose a new development at 8358 19th Ave NW.

Developers from Tacoma, submitted plans to tear down the existing single-family home and subdivide its 4,000 square-foot lot to accommodate four new structures on September 29, 2014.  According to Lesley, the developer is requesting variances to the current zoning for structure height and coverage to build the project.

Local residents are concerned about the development, in Lesley’s words, “as it would destroy the look and feel of this nearly hundred-year old neighborhood.”

“If approved, residents worry that it would open the way for developers to build more like projects throughout Ballard. 8358 19th Ave NW lies outside of the Crown Hill Urban Development Zone,” says Lesley.

Residents believe (per the submitted plans) that the proposed development appears to have inadequate access for pedestrians, vehicles, utilities and fire protection as provided in Section 23.53.005, Access to Lots, and Section 23.53.006, Pedestrian Access and Circulation. The plans also show only two parking spots for entire project, which Lesley says would exacerbate the existing street parking problems.

“Building the project would also involve tearing down six mature trees and concreting over the lot’s green space. Reducing green space runs contrary to the City’s push to create better drainage and to control storm runoff,” says Lesley.

If you are interested in submitting comments about this project, email them to and reference project 3018366.

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