Clocks to go back one hour this Sunday

SPU wants to remind locals that this Sunday, November 2, is the time to set our clocks back one hour in preparation for winter.

The change from Daylight Saving Time is also a good opportunity to test your home’s smoke detectors and change out old batteries. As winter creeps closer, it’s also a great time to replace burned-out light bulbs with energy-efficient CFL light bulbs.

SPU says that old fluorescent bulbs and tubes, Ni-Cad and Lithium rechargeable and other hazardous batteries can be disposed of free of charge at Seattle’s Household Hazardous Waste stations (the closest to Ballard being at 12550 Stone Avenue N) and several other convenient locations, including Bartell Drug stores.

Incandescent light bulbs can be disposed in the garbage. Alkaline batteries, such as the ones AA, AAA, C, 9-volt and D, can either be disposed in Seattle’s curbside garbage cans as they are not considered hazardous, or dropped off for recycling at Seattle’s Household Hazardous Waste stations and other convenient locations, such as Whole Foods.

For more information on where to dispose of household hazardous waste, including station locations and hours, click here or call (206) 296-4692.

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