Throwback Thursday: The costumes of yesteryear

In the spirit of Halloween, and dressing up in general, we thought we would focus on the costumes seen in Ballard back in the day!

Although we were unable to confirm if the first two photos were in fact taken on Halloween, we wanted to give readers an insight into the costumes worn in our ‘hood back in the day.

The black and white photo below, taken in 1920, features local children dressed up for a parade in Ballard. It is unclear whether or not it is a Halloween parade, however, the costumes are fantastic!


The black and white photo below, also taken at the same parade in 1920, shows some of the other costumed children.


The black and white photo below, taken in 1949, was definitely taken on Halloween somewhere in Seattle at a children’s party. A Seattle PI photographer attended the party and snapped the photograph of Douglas Celeen, Susan Hardesty, Laura McNeill and their friends.


Do you have a Throwback Thursday photo taken in Ballard on a Halloween of yesteryear? Email your photo and story to and we will include it in the post.

Photos courtesy of Ballard Historical Society and MOHAI.

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